Bush Nymph Dreadlock Shampoo

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As a proud dreadlock wearer of twelve years, I understand the kind of special care great dreadlocks need, so I’ve created my own dreadlock shampoo for fellow dread-heads!
Dreadlocks, like un-locced hair, must be kept clean and be washed with a suitable product. Regular shampoos leave residue which loosens dreads and can cause scalp irritation and infections.
My Bush Nymph Dreadlock Shampoo is all natural, and contains no foaming agents and no colouring. Your dreads will smell fresh, and dry tight and locced. No perfumes - just eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils to enhance the natural loccing process. Cooling and with antibacterial/antiseptic properties for optimum scalp health.
I’ve been using this a while now and I’ll never go back to my other shampoo!
250ml pump plastic bottle.