About Me

Hi there! I'm Jo Hilder - writer, artist, an experienced public speaker and coach, author of four books, most recently the author of Small and Pure - A Cautionary Tale, released in June 2016 by Rhiza Press. The book is available in this store to purchase.

I've been involved in creative arts since the 1980's, studying, teaching and working professionally across various spheres including drama and acting, singing and songwriting, art design and advertising media production, web design and blogging, screenprinting, clip art and stamp block design, leadlighting, fabric art design and quilting, painting and drawing, sculpture, clothing design and upcycling and jewellry making.

My passion is bringing colour and life to the world through my designs and beautiful pieces from around the world. May your Sister Jo Bangles purchase bring you joy for many years to come!

Thanks for visiting my store! Namaste.
Jo xxx