Granny Squares Upcycled Green Denim Jacket

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This eye-popping upcycled bomber-style jacket is recreated from a brilliant emerald green "denim" garment. The sleeves have been replaced with new ones fashioned in dogwood denim printed with an exclusive Sister Jo Bangles granny squares print. The collar has been remade using retro linen and chenille in vivid contrasts. the front features more granny squares accents, with a plethora of embroidered novelty patches emblazoning the shoulders. The back features a huge panel of granny square fabric, perfectly accenting the vivid green of the jacket, and a waistband created from red cotton canvas print creates a striking contrast. Vintage maroon buttons complete the look.
This jacket is not for the faint hearted!

Actual garment dimensions below -
Bust - 118cm (46 1/2")
Waist 90cm (35 1/2")
Length from shoulder to waist 55cm (21 1/2")
Arm length from shoulder seam 52cm (20 1/2")

Fits an AU 14-16 (US 10-12)

*Please note the granny squares fabric in this item is printed.

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