Calm The Fuck Down Essential Oil Candle

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Introducing Sister Jo Bangles exclusive range of essential oil, coconut wax candles featuring our best selling scents!

CALM THE FUCK DOWN is formulated especially for chilling out - lavender for relaxation, chamomile for rest, and rosemary for clearing. Fresh smelling and clean burning.

*White Glass Candle Jar and white gift box
* 8.5cm diameter x 10cm high
*750g including box

Long burning, low smoke, real essential oil infused (not merely fragrance oil.)

Manufactured in Australia.

**Please be aware that due to the current COVID19 crisis, delivery of this item may be delayed for several weeks due to shipping issues.
Regular delivery times from Australia to international destinations such as the USA can be up to six weeks. Please allow for extended delivery times when ordering. These shipping times are out of the control of the seller.